where we’ve been, where we’re at, where we’re going

Hello, friends!

As you may have guessed from our curious lack of updates, the two of us have been rather busy of late.

But surely you could spare a moment for your beloved website? Ah, we but wish that had been the case. Between work and our novel (did we tell you we’re writing a novel? We’re writing a novel!), we’ve been swamped.

Now, that answers where we’ve been (writing a novel and working). As to the other two:

Where we’re at is… still writing the novel! We’re also at the planning stage, though, because when it comes to where we’re going, we’ve taken a few unexpected turns and are now headed somewhere new.

We’re still W(REC)’D. We’re writing, we’re reading, and in just a few months, we’ll be sharing, too. We promise.

But for now, we hope you know that we appreciate your readership, and we promise we’re coming back better than ever.