slasher girls & monster boys


The Facts

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, by April Genevieve Tucholke (ed.)
Basia rates it: 3.75(-ish?)/5

When a book has a title like Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, it’s a book you know I’ll be picking up. This isn’t a novel; it’s an anthology of short stories featuring, well, slasher girls and monster boys, to be concise. I was intrigued by this concept, and it struck me as something I might enjoy for the same reason I enjoy Brenna Yovanoff stories: she has a habit of including dangerous boys pitted against even more dangerous girls, and I am all about a good story with an ambitious and/or dangerous woman.
Like any anthology, some of these stories fell a little flat for me; I kept waiting for something more, some big aha, that never came, whereas others had me fist-pumping in my seat on the plane. It’s a trial-and-error sort of book, as most anthologies are, but if you’re interested in stories featuring leading ladies, strange circumstances, and dark overtones, I’d suggest picking it up and giving at least one of the stories a try. I’m almost positive there’s something for you in it.

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