places no one knows


The Facts
Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff
Basia rates it: 4.5/5

Maggie Stiefvater said she wasn’t sure if this book was “a dream wrapped in razor wire or razor wire wrapped in dream.” The beautiful thing about this book is that it’s both. It is a book about people who feel too much and people who feel too little, how to navigate feelings or unfeeling in a world where we’re constantly fed expectations of our emotional responses to situations.

All of Brenna’s books have a dreamy sort of quality to them, but this one especially. It creates an interesting juxtaposition of dream versus reality–when the thing you’re “dreaming” feels like the more tangible, more real space and your reality is the waking dream. This isn’t a book for everyone (Brenna’s books seldom are), but for those it speaks to, it will practically shout. It’s a story of expectation versus reality, of self-identity, of the difference between the self that you project and the one that you are on the inside. This book is raw and strange, but it is so powerfully honest. There’s something here for everyone to connect to, whether you’re a Marshall, a Waverly, or someone somewhere in between.


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