got w(rec)’d?


When Basia was part of book club in high school (known charmingly and appropriately as the Bookworms), they decided to start leaving books around for strangers to find: books they thought people should be reading, books they wanted to share with others but lacked a way to do so short of walking up to a stranger and shoving a book into their hands. Each book had a sticker inside with a tracking number, so presumably the individual who picked up the book would follow the link written on the sticker to a library-run tracking service, plug in the tracker, and see where the book had been before. We here at W(REC)’D want to do something like that.

If you’ve ever seen the Instagram Books on the Railway, it’ll be something very similar: every now and then, one of us will leave a book somewhere (on a park bench, in a café, on the train) with a W(REC)’D sticker on the cover/inside. There won’t be any tracking numbers, but we’ll be using the hashtag #GOTWRECD to follow these books. We’ll post a photo on our Instagram when we’ve left a book somewhere, as well as a short post here, detailing where we’ve left the book, a quick summary, and even a handy-dandy Google map picture of where the book is (this last is mostly because we like maps).

Whomever picks up the book is encouraged to let us know that it’s been found, and, once they’ve read it, are also encouraged to continue the chain by leaving the book somewhere for another reader to find! When you’ve left your book somewhere, write in–either on Instagram or Twitter or in the comments section on our website–and we’ll add a marker to the Google map for where the book has now been left.

We’ll be kicking this off in a couple of weeks, book TBD, when Basia is in Dallas for a long weekend. Keep an eye on the page and on our Instagram for what book we’ll be dropping and where you can find it!


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